Establishing Brand Strategies of Social Enterprises

Updated: Feb 22, 2019


As a pro-bono marketing strategist for the SK Group, I helped The Big Issue Korea (BIK), a social enterprise whose mission is to help homeless people to take control of their lives by selling Big Issue magazines. I worked with BIK to establish its brand strategies that would help achieve its social mission.


Through regular workshops with 6 BIK employees, I engaged and worked with them in developing their brand strategies. My role was to set discussion agendas on brand strategy issues, facilitate honest dialogues among members and finalize their brand strategies. Through group studies and discussions, participating members redefined their brand strategy issue from ‘weak brand reputation’ to ‘not having a unique brand identity.’ As a solution, we established brand strategies and BIK’s visions for the future.


The brand identity established during this pro-bono work has been guiding BIK’s marketing activities. Personally, I learned that having my sincere interest in their mission and active involvement were key to build trust with BIK staff and encourage their active participation in my pro-bono workshops. I did not want this consulting to be one-time feel-good intervention but relationship building with BIK. So, I met its staff outside of the pro-bono workshops and attended their other events such as the year-end party for the homeless and the Social Progress Credit Award event.