Involving Users in Service Production and Deliver

Updated: Dec 2, 2018


With the rise of highly-educated housewives in number and their increased purchasing power, it became important to focus on this demographic and their influence on marketing. Thus I developed a long-term consumer growth strategy targeting this group. SK Energy has a conservative organizational culture with 70% of its employees being male. Previously the company did not have a separate focus or strategy for female consumers.


The objective of this project is to develop a strategy that can help identify and manage consumers who can be strategic assets for the company’s long-term growth. Instead of a traditional approach to sales growth, I employed a pioneering human-centered approach. From consumer interviews, I learned that one of the unmet needs of housewife consumers is ‘a weak sense of belonging to the society.’ Thus I helped SK Energy launch a female prosumer (consumer+producer) project that taps into female consumers’ desire to build new relationships and get active with social activities beyond their everyday housekeeping. Called Enne, these prosumers fulfilled the mission of generating marketing ideas and sharing our brand story via word of mouth. This was the first-ever female prosumer marketing that took place in my company as well as in the oil refinery industry.


70% of the Enne prosumers regularly provided quality marketing ideas, and some were used in the company’s marketing activities. Thanks to their inputs, SK Energy was able to obtain market insights it had not realized. This prosumer project was also hailed for its innovative and novel approach to consumers whose value in the past had only been measured in terms of their contribution to sales.